The 'What is Three Bars?'

The Three Bars brand is a black-owned clothing brand that was created for three reasons: 1) Equality 2) Positivity 3) Generational Wealth

These three reasons are the representation of the bars.

During the pandemic, 3 friends came together to have a game night once a week. The idea came about while having those game nights. The thought was to own something for their kids to have in the long run. Generational Wealth became the anchor and thus Three Bars was created.

The second bar represents Positivity. Has anyone heard of the Law of Attraction? Positive attracts Positivity and negative attracts negativity and we believe in that. Everyday either online or in-person we see negative energy. Negativity doesn't bring good to anyone. We're all about people being better not only for themselves, but the world and push the Positivity out to world to make the world a better place.

Also during the pandemic, there were many Equality issues in the world. All across the world we've seen the issues; racial, social, gender and more! We like to show everyone that we are all human beings in this life and everyone should see that we are one people. With the first bar representing Equality, whomever wears it represents equal rights for everyone.

The Three Bars brand is comfortable with every thread. Each shirt is preshrunk, moisture wicking material for breathable and agile movement. No matter under the hot sun in Florida or in the rain in Seattle, all shirts fits comfortable for whatever weather.

Not only does the brand have a pleasant feel to it but the material printed on the shirts are heart-warming as well. Every black design on front has a velvet feel to it. It'll feel just like the old relative that had the velvet couch in the living room. 

Three Bars also does custom wear such as, jerseys, league teams, business, entertainment company's apparel and anything you can think of for a shirt! All material has a comfortable feel to it from jerseys to the dri-fit material. Every thread to make the customer feel cool wherever you are located.

Three Bars is a company that shows representation.